It is with pride I present the New Zealand Fire and Rescue Commander’s Association (NZFRCA) Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

Link :     NZFRCS Strategy Doc July 2015

In developing this strategy, the NZFRCA Committee looked at the many components of our role as Fire and Rescue Commanders and challenged ourselves to determine ‘what makes a good Commander.’

We discussed the varying facets of our responsibilities as Executive Officers, including the requirement to drive down risk to our communities and the personnel we manage, as well as our own personal aspects such as professional development, job satisfaction and work/life balance.  The next challenge was to produce a concise statement that encapsulated all of these components that describe our society’s vision of where we want to be.

After considerable debate, we collectively agreed that our vision would be ‘staff will aspire to the role of Commander.’ This simple but powerful statement will be our key indicator of how successful we are in our constant mission to enhance the role of commander to be professional, rewarding and safe.

Striving for excellence in all of these components of the role will benefit not only the members of our society, but also the Fire Service and indeed the communities we serve.

Our strategy flows into the plan along with the actions needed and the subsequent collaboration with the New Zealand Fire Service to bring our vision to its highest potential.

We value your comments.

NZFRCA President

Roy Breeze