Eligible Members

Fire & Emergency Commanders Association offers membership to appointed/hold any rank above SSO and below Assistant National Commander

What will we do for you

Please read our strategic Plan (link).  In it you will see we have looked at every component of the role of commander. The association’s role is to continually enhance all these components and we will know when we are doing well because others will ‘aspire to our role’.

As a member you will be part of a proactive team.

We will provide one voice to the fire service on Fire Service direction and on employment related factors. We will support you if there is employment challenges.

We will expect from you:

  • To be part of a proactive forward thinking team
  • Have a positive and professional attitude
  • Demonstrate good leadership to our firefighters
  • You will manage minor challenges yourself but come to the society when you need advice limit and/or the potential solution would have a greater benefit to the society.
  • You will act as a representative to the society on projects where your particular expertise would be appropriate

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