Fire & Emergency Commanders Association

We are a professional body of people committed to providing the highest level of emergency management to our areas

Striving for Excellence in Emergency Management

Our association focuses on providing advocacy for our members while continually developing the rank of commander to the highest professional levels in emergency management.  Membership is open to Area and Assistant Area Commanders in New Zealand who have an operational role.

Throughout the country, we are a small but dedicated group of Area and Assistant Area Commanders that play a pivotal role for the Fire & Emergency NZ.  Commanders are responsible for the delivery phase of the Fire & Emergency NZ strategy, managing over 8,000 paid and volunteer firefighters and providing senior command and control capability to a wide range of emergencies every day of the year.


By setting a high standard and sharing our knowledge and skills, we mentor, evolve and involve our teams so our firefighters aspire to the role of commander


Proactively developing our skills and knowledge to reach the highest level of professionalism in emergency management


Providing advocacy and support to our members to ensure safety in the workplace, work life balance and appropriate working conditions

Latest Updates

  • Roy Breeze, Hamilton Fire Service

Fire Service Review Document

March 18th, 2015|0 Comments

The Fire Services Review Document possibly represents the most major change in the provision of Fire Services within New Zealand for many years.  Click on  “Recent Posts” – for the links to the latest information

All of the […]

  • Roy Breeze, Hamilton Fire Service

Our Strategic Plan

March 18th, 2015|4 Comments

It is with pride I present the New Zealand Fire and Rescue Commander’s Association (NZFRCA) Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

Link :     NZFRCS Strategy Doc July 2015

In developing this strategy, the NZFRCA Committee looked at the many components […]


To support and implement the NZ Fire Service 2020 Vision

“Leading integrated fire and emergency services for a safer New Zealand”